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Is Bob Rock “the” Evil?

I sometimes hear that Bob Rock is the man behind the unsuccessfulness of Metallica. Maybe it’s true but I am not sure of that. If you ever listened Metallica concert records, they are simply _awful_. They just can’t play it, just can’t sing it etc. But if you listen the same songs on albums the old ones are simply great, even James sounds great. And the awful songs from Load to St. Anger are at least listenable. And notice that the sound engineer/producer behind this albums are Bob Rock.

Also one of the Bob Rock’s recent work, The Offspring’s Rise and Fall Rage and Grace, got mostly positive reviews including me, and it was a hard job to work on an album whose group didn’t make any album for 5 years because the expectation of fans gets bigger as the gap between albums gets bigger.

Bob Rock can’t just pop and also compose the songs, Metallica should do it for theirselves. Although, I admit a great leader can always influence a group of people to make them do great things it became obvious that that great leader is not inside Metallica, they are searching a producer to be that leader. So, Bob Rock is most probably a great producer but Metallica is not just searching for a great producer, they are unfortunately so desperate that they are also in search of a great maestro. Hope Rick Rubin will help’em.

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