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Is blink-182 back?

In theory yes. They even played at Tonight Show together, but there is a huge “but”. See the video yourself:

I guess if you had ever listen blink-182 before, you can pretty much tell in just a few seconds that Tom sounds and acts weird. People say that it is the sound when he was singing in Angels & Airwaves, his group after the breakup of blink-182 but I didn’t listen them too much so I don’t know. All I know is that this sound does not fit to blink-182… I wish the best luck to blink-182 with this reunion because I like their music very much.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Modern Seinfeld?

I started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm other day. The TV show from Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld. Already watched a few episodes and you can feel the Seinfeld rumor in just a few seconds. Though it is not just that, you can see the influences of some modern trends followed by other TV shows these days. Well, what can I say… I liked it.

I don’t know if he is actually acting like he is in real life but you can clearly see that Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm is a mixture of Seinfeld characters George, Jerry and even Elaine. Mostly George though. The ability to make a lie right away, being obsessed with even the tiniest details in daily life etc… You can see all the things you missed about George on Larry.

Larry David is pretty good, maybe because he is playing himself but can’t help thinking the marvelous interpretation of Jason Alexander of this character.

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Got my Ubuntu shirt today!

Got my Ubuntu shirt today!

The details for those of you who want to order similar merchandise oversea: I ordered the t-shirt on March 31st so it arrived within 2 months from Great Britain to Turkey (I was told that it might take 2 months to arrive when I was ordering, so no problemo). The delivery took approximately 11$. I didn’t pay anything except for the t-shirt (~$12) and delivery (~11$). The print quality (is print the right word?) is good. The packaging was a little weak but t-shirt wasn’t damaged.

Can’t wait to wear it 🙂

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Papa Roach did it again…

When is gonna Papa Roach release a bad album? Apparently not soon… Despite some of the reviews, I found the last album, Metamorphosis, again pretty good, at least not below the Papa Roach standards. It is hard to find a group which still keeps rockin’ in their 6th studio album, these days.

Papa Roach

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Graduation Project

Got my graduation project this week. Since it is about a commercial product, I don’t know how much detail I can give about it on this public blog. But to mention a little; it includes designing a biomedical device, our team is composed of 3 students and 1 instructor and my part in this project will be mostly about writing the computer software, but I plan to interfere with the hardware part, too 🙂

Actually, I don’t like the obligation to do something useful and complete because it means making decisions logically instead of emotionally but, I guess, this is an experience I should go through 😛

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Perl 6

İlginizi çekerse, e-bergi‘nin bu ayki sayısında Perl 6 programlama dili ile ilgili bir yazım yayınlandı:

Yazı iki kısımdan oluşuyor, ikinci kısım gelecek ay yayınlanacak.

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