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Microsoft just can’t do it

When it comes to advertisement, Microsoft gets even worse then their coding ability:*

We see sometimes Apple advertisement parodies to make fun out of them but Microsoft ads don’t need any parodies, they are already like a joke as they are!

At least, this time, they didn’t waste million dollars only to create the worst job of one of the funniest comedians in the world 😛

* Don’t forget to read the comments, as well, there are some hilarious ones. One of them, for example, suspects that this ad is made by Apple 😀

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“Code by using as much as you know” is invalid

Often, supporters of complex programming languages will tell you that you don’t have to learn the language as a whole before you start programming. Just start programming your software with as much knowledge as you have and improve the coding as you learn new and better concepts to use.

This is, in my opinion, an invalid argument to defend the complexity of a language.

In theory, this claim might be true. However, in practice, when you stuck at some point and need help from others, usually experts, you won’t find anybody to help you with your code. Instead, you will get answers telling how you should use a feature you haven’t learned yet, to accomplish the task you are trying to do. And if you insist that you haven’t learned that concept and there are still hundreds of pages to learn “that chapter”, you will be insulted, ignored or banned… So, if you want be a part of the support community, you end up skipping hundreds of pages of whatever book you are learning from and copy/paste code that you don’t understand yet, which is a bad programming practice in all aspects.

So, “Start somewhere and improve your coding style as you go.” does not work for beginner programmers. Beginner programmers should choose a non-complex programming language to overcome this frustrations.

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I faced the word “specimen” on a book I am reading right now, which immediately reminded me a hit song from 90s. Can you name it 🙂

A hint:


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Yahoo! Designs

Sometimes Yahoo! designs some fascinating web sites. Surely, they have some of the most talented user interface designers. (Now not so) new Yahoo! Mail is one of the examples I can give and that is one of the reasons I can’t leave it despite its annoying bugs and still not complete service. It is simple, sharp, elegant and fun to use.

Today, I saw their new service Meme (Meme means “tit” in Turkish. A naming disaster like Microsoft Boku (which is renamed as Microsoft Kodu afterwards).). I guess, it is an alternative for the mini blogging service Twitter. I didn’t use it or Twitter yet but the design is again wonderful. I like simple minimalistic designs. And a simple minmalistic design with the use of purple is even better. You can look at a sample blogger’s page here:

But this does not prevent Yahoo! to fail miserably with most of their new services. Design isn’t everything, Yahoo! Mail’s design is made by Yahoo! but it was actually another independent company’s service before Yahoo! bought it. So the idea of the most successful service of Yahoo! lately, came from outside Yahoo!. Yahoo! should consider where they are doing it wrong.

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Sounds of the Universe

Nowadays, I’m constantly listening to the Sounds of the Universe album from Depeche Mode. I certainly can’t be considered a fan of DM after seeing all the other fans though I like listening to their music very much and it is amazing how they can still release an album with DM soul in it. My favourite song from this album is Peace by the way 🙂

Depeche Mode

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