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“Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk” is available on

Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk

After the release of my small book, quite a few people asked if there is an edition to buy on So here it is, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it 🙂

You can still get the e-book version as free. For other detailed information:

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I just wanted to thank people who mentioned about my book in their blogs or web pages and also people who tweeted about it and sent email about it. These kind of things made me very happy. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book, which would make me even happier…

Don’t hesitate to send negative feedbacks to me so that we can make the book better in the future.

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“Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk” is out!

Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk

The book I’m working on for a while is finally finished. It is about computer programming and aims the absolute beginners. I used GNU Smalltalk programming language as the tool for teaching computer programming. There are actually an awful lot still to be mentioned about GNU Smalltalk. I hope, in future editions, I and the community will write additional chapters to create a reference book aiming everyone…

It is a free e-book. You can grap your copy from:

Or you can buy a printed copy from Lulu:

I hope you enjoy reading the book…

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