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An experience with Lulu customer support

I’ve bought some copies of my book from to give them as a gift to some of my friends. The copies arrived and they were beautiful, but unfortunately there was a defection in all of them. Some of the letters inside the book were too close to each other or even on top of each other. First, I didn’t think of opening a complaint since the friends I’ll give the book will never actually read it because of its very narrow target audience 🙂 And second I thought that might make it hard making a complaint and actually getting the problem solved.

The experience was completely opposite. I opened a ticket explaining the problem and sent an email with photos proving the defection. Result: They immediately sent new copies of the book. They even upgraded the shipping option I’ve selected to the most luxury one so that the books arrived very quickly.

Unfortunately, the new copies were defected in the same way 😦 I guess there is a problem with the font family I’ve used (FreeSerif), although it looks good on my computer and on the first ever copy I’ve bought from I’ll probably change it for the next edition of the book.

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