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About Nearly Free Speech Hosting

2 or 3 months ago I switched to Nearly Free Speech (NFS) hosting provider. It “had” some advantages like you pay as much as you use the system. For example, you pay per megabytes of traffic or per megabytes of storage you allocate on the system. This reduced the payments of my web sites significantly because I used to pay a static charge even if I use only 2 megabytes of the 750 MB storage provided to me by my old hosting. The other reason I switched to Nearly Free Speech was that their service is providing some technologies which allows me to do some experimental web pages and my old hosting lacks them.

However things have changed this month, NFS started charging for things they used to not charge and started charging more for other parts of the service. They even started to charge for support tickets! These new changes increased my balance nearly 100% (maybe more).

I can live without the experimental features you know… And NFS even lacks some fundamental features like providing email accounts (they only provide email forwards) which makes my old hosting provider again a shiny solution.

I should now reconsider the situation and maybe change my hosting again. Maybe NFS charges still a little less than other options but it doesn’t worth if it is only 2-3$. Doing a 100% price increase really got on my nerves.

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