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Yahoo! Designs

Sometimes Yahoo! designs some fascinating web sites. Surely, they have some of the most talented user interface designers. (Now not so) new Yahoo! Mail is one of the examples I can give and that is one of the reasons I can’t leave it despite its annoying bugs and still not complete service. It is simple, sharp, elegant and fun to use.

Today, I saw their new service Meme (Meme means “tit” in Turkish. A naming disaster like Microsoft Boku (which is renamed as Microsoft Kodu afterwards).). I guess, it is an alternative for the mini blogging service Twitter. I didn’t use it or Twitter yet but the design is again wonderful. I like simple minimalistic designs. And a simple minmalistic design with the use of purple is even better. You can look at a sample blogger’s page here:

But this does not prevent Yahoo! to fail miserably with most of their new services. Design isn’t everything, Yahoo! Mail’s design is made by Yahoo! but it was actually another independent company’s service before Yahoo! bought it. So the idea of the most successful service of Yahoo! lately, came from outside Yahoo!. Yahoo! should consider where they are doing it wrong.

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