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Counter-Strike Haritaları

Zamanında sevgili arkadaşım Serdar Üşenmez ile birlikte birkaç Counter-Strike haritasına imza atmıştık. Bir ara Google’da yaptığım bir aramada şans eseri bazı haritalarımızın hala oynandığını fark ettim. Hem çok şaşırdım hem de çok sevindim ve haritalarımızı bir araya toplayayım dedim. Bir de üstüne Serdar’la birlikte haritalar üzerine ufak yorumlar ekledik. İçinizde hala oynayanlar var mıdır bilemiyorum ama yine de ilgisini çekenler için:

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Some impressions about Steam

Steam is a system developed by Valve to distribute PC games over internet, legally. It is a great idea and most of the idea is applied well. But I recently started to use Steam web page and Steam client a lot and I don’t like some obvious parts of the experience. Are Steam developers aware that you constantly asked for the login details around the different parts of the web page and are they aware that the system constantly forgets me so I end up entering my details 5-6 times a day? This is really annoying and makes it a terrible experience.

Also such sites should not use prewritten scripts for forums, blogs, etc. This makes the system disintegrated. For example, every Steam user has more than one profile page: one for Steam and one for Steam forums, which makes it a mess and hard to find the information you want about a player. Instead, there should be an integrated forum system and every player should have one profile page which can be accessed from either forums or from other parts of the site and which holds all the public details of the player.

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The terrible spam filter of Yahoo! Mail

I don’t know how the algorithm of Yahoo! Mail is working but I know it does not do its job. It is like I have two inboxes because I have to constantly check all my mails coming to the spam folder. The weird thing is, the most important emails always go to spam folder, like registration activations, PayPal transactions, even the mails my father send to me. And it still only filters about 1/3 of the spam mails…

Yahoo! should concentrate on improving the mail service instead of adding non-mail features into the mail service and failing miserably.

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How great is this Vista thing!

I’m trying to install Windows Vista on my new laptop. The core installation wasn’t that tedious but the fun began after I started to make it actually usable. After tens of restarting while installing the drivers, I made the mistake to update Windows. After downloading and installing the updates for about ten hours it wanted me to restart the computer again. Before shutting down it made some configuration about updates which took about 1 hour. Then the text on the screen changed to “Computer is shutting down” and it has been trying to shut down the computer for 1,5 hours. So my new computer has been in an unusable state for about 15 hours.

And the most frustrating part is that it does not show any progress bar or something, so I don’t know if it is stuck or still doing some tasks. I also have no idea when it is going to complete, 10 seconds, 10 minutes or 10 hours? Maybe 10 days? The cursor looks like it is doing something so I don’t shut it manually in case all my efforts are gonna fail and I should start all over again.

I’ll wait some more and if it is still not complete then I’ll install XP because it is like torture. Again, good job Microsoft!

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