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We are all trolls now

Being a frequent user of some community sites, I begin to witness a new trend for the last few months.

First of all, there is a thing called “troll” which is used for people who wants to get attention and deliberately posts contrary messages about sensitive subjects. You can tell who is a troll and who is not pretty easily, they have no valuable post before, all they do is to post such messages and they have no knowledge about the subject etc.

This, of course, does not mean that every contrary message is posted by a troll. Every person has the right to think in his way as long as he respects others’ freedom.

Also one might be a newbie where in that case you should gently direct him to places where he can get information about the subject, instead of flaming him.

But nowadays, if your thoughts aren’t welcome by the majority of the community or sometimes even by one person you are immediately called as a troll. Moreover, you might even be ignored/banned or the topic might be closed/moved to trash. This makes “discussion” impossible even though the software they are on is called forum aka “discussion board”.

So, beware… There are people out there who doesn’t agree with you and you might be called as troll any time, at the very unexpected moment!

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